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App::financeta is a GUI to perform Technical Analysis for stocks using the Perl Data Language (PDL)

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License & Copyright

App::financeta is licensed under the GNU General Public License which can be found here and in the source code as the LICENSE file.


This software comes with no warranty whatsoever. The authors are not responsible for any losses, profits, emotional trauma, hardship or happiness resulting from the use of this application.

Use the software at your own risk and with your own intelligence.

The copyright is held by the authors listed below: * Vikas N Kumar

The software is open source and free to use for anyone. If you choose to distribute it, you will need to provide the source with all modifications, if any, to the recipient.

The ta-lib library is BSD licensed and more details can be found here.

PDL license and copyright information can be found on their website here.

All the other Perl packages used as part of the software have their own licenses, either BSD, GPLv2, GPLv3 or Perl Artistic License, and you can find information on them by searching on MetaCPAN.

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