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App::financeta is a GUI to perform Technical Analysis for stocks using the Perl Data Language (PDL)

Table of Contents

Installing App::financeta

Hardware Requirements

The software will perform well and fast if you’re using an Intel or AMD multi-core CPU made by them after 2007. You will benefit if you have more than 2GB RAM although the application should run within 300MB, but that depends on how much data you’re analyzing. PDL does a lot of parallel computations which benefit with a multi-core and/or a multi-cpu system.

The software has not been tested on ARM CPU based systems, and if there are any success reports, please let the authors know and we shall include them here.

If you want us to support a different CPU type, please contact the authors.

Download Software

You can download the software from various sources:

Linux & BSD variants

App::financeta has been developed on the GNU/Linux platform. However, it works on the BSD platforms (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD) as well. You will need to have perl installed which is present by default on most or all Linux and BSD platforms. The minimum Perl version expected is 5.10.1.

Installing ta-lib

Download the source from sourceforge, compile and install it. You can also install it to a custom directory of your choice instead of /usr/local but you will need to set the environment variable $PATH appropriately in your shell and your .bashrc or .profile or similar shell profile files.

$ wget
$ tar -zxvf ta-lib-0.4.0-src.tar.gz
$ cd ta-lib
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local && make && make check
$ sudo make install

Installing Gnuplot

Currently, the plotting engine of App::financeta is Gnuplot which will be available in your distribution’s package manager. If not, you can find instructions on installing it on their website.

Installing App::financeta from CPAN

Check if the perl and cpan executables are installed on your system and if the version number of perl is greater than or equal to 5.10.1. If perl and/or cpan are not installed, please consult your distribution’s package manager. The ta-lib that you have just installed above, needs to be present in your $PATH variable if you have not installed it into /usr/local. The gnuplot executable also should have been installed and be present in your $PATH environment.

$ which perl
$ perl -V:version
$ which cpan
$ which ta-lib-config
$ which gnuplot
$ sudo cpan -i App::financeta
# to run the application
$ /usr/bin/financeta

This will install the package and all its dependencies from CPAN. If you choose to install the CPAN package to a custom directory, you will have to adjust the $PERL5LIB environment variable appropriately.

Installing App::financeta from Github

If you would like to get the bleeding edge of the codebase or if you want to send us pull requests, you may want to install the development version from Github. You will need to have git installed for this to work.

$ which git
$ git clone
$ cd financeta
$ perl ./Build.PL
$ ./Build test
# to run the application
$ perl -Mblib ./bin/financeta

When installing from Github, you may see that your dependencies are not installed. To install all the required dependencies, after you have installed ta-lib and gnuplot as above, run the below command.

$ sudo cpan -i PDL PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot Finance::QuoteHist \
    PDL::Finance::TA Prima POE::Loop::Prima Capture::Tiny DateTime \
    Software::License Pod::Readme Module::Build

Some of these modules may already be available through your distribution’s package manager.

Mac OS X

There are not many differences in the installation of App::financeta on the OS X platform, except for the fact that you may be using Macports, Fink or Homebrew as your package manager. We have tested with Macports installed on OS X 10.7.

Installing using Macports and CPAN

Macports may already come with perl but you could install a more recent version if you like.

$ sudo port install ta-lib gnuplot perl5
$ sudo cpan -i App::financeta

Installing using native Mac Perl

Follow the same instructions to install as for the Linux/BSD variants here.

Installing using Fink or Homebrew

You may want to look at what packages these package managers provide, and use your judgement to pick the appropriate ones as required. You could also always just install perl from these package managers and follow the rest of the instructions from here.


There are two ways to install App::financeta on Windows - using Strawberry Perl or Cygwin. Either of these ways is alright to do, although Strawberry Perl is definitely nicer to use. We have tested this only on Windows 7 64-bit.

Strawberry Perl

  1. Download Strawberry Perl from their website and install it.

  2. You may choose either 32 or 64 bit MSI file depending on what kind of Windows you are running.

  3. You may choose to download the PortableZIP version of Strawberry Perl which includes extra PDL related libs as part of it from

  4. Download Gnuplot for Windows from here.

  5. Select the option that says “Primary download site on Sourceforge” and pick the exe installer from Sourceforge file list.

  6. You will need to do the default install but remember to check the option that says add Gnuplot to the PATH environment.

  7. If you have downloaded the PortableZIP version with extra PDL libs you can skip this step.
    • Download ta-lib for Windows from here. Select the file and download it into a directory and unzip it.
    • You should see the ta-lib folder created after unzipping the file.
    • Note down the directory path. For example, if you unzip the folder in your Documents directory, then your path on Windows 7 will be %USERPROFILE%\Documents\ta-lib. The %USERPROFILE% environment variable automatically picks your home directory on Windows.
    • If you have installed the MSI version, start the Strawberry Perl shell from your Start Menu > Strawberry Perl > Perl (commandline). This shell will look like the Windows command shell but with all the paths necessary for Perl to run. You will need to set the environment variables for installing PDL::Finance::TA as shown below:

Set the environment variables as below, and install the packages

C:\> set TALIB_LIBS=-L%USERPROFILE%\Documents\ta-lib\c\lib -lta_abstract_cmr -lta_common_cmr -lta_func_cmr -lta_libc_cmr
C:\> set TALIB_CFLAGS=-I%USERPROFILE%\ta-lib\c\include>
C:\> echo %TALIB_LIBS%
C:\> echo %TALIB_CFLAGS%
C:\> cpan -i Alien::TALib
C:\> cpan -i PDL::Finance::TA
C:\> cpan -i PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot
C:\> cpan -i App::financeta

If you have used the PortableZip version, you can directly install App::financeta as below:

C:\> cpan -i App::financeta

Once this is done, you can run financeta either from the Perl shell or from a regular command shell or Power shell by typing the following

C:\> financeta.bat


We assume you already have Cygwin installed.

Install the following packages:

and any other packages that you may want.

Install ta-lib as given below:

$ wget
$ tar -zxvf ta-lib-0.4.0-src.tar.gz
$ cd ta-lib
$ ./configure
$ make CFLAGS=-I./include/ta_common
$ make check
$ make install

Once this is done, let’s install App::financeta using cpan.

$ cpan
cpan> install App::financeta

On success, you will find financeta in /usr/bin and can start it as below:

$ /usr/bin/financeta

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